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The Association's awards program has evolved over time as a way to ensure that Manitoba's most worthy engineers and geoscientists are recognized for their contributions to our professions and society. Initially there was only a Merit Award category which began in the early 1960's. Subsequently two other recognition categories were created, Outstanding Service Awards and Honorary Life Membership.

  • The Outstanding Service Award recognizes members who rendered outstanding service to or on behalf of the Association including professional service to technical societies.
  • The Honorary Life Membership category recognizes members who provided meritorious service to the Association and to the profession. They may or may not be practicing on a full time basis but preferably have been continuously serving the profession with exceptions (P. Geo. professional regulations only started in 1998) for not less than 35 years and have attained the age of 65.

In more recent years several additional awards categories have been created including;

  • Team Achievement Award - This award recognizes groups who demonstrate excellence in, and major contributions to, the concept, design, and implementation of an engineering or geoscience work. Normally these awards are given for exceptionally well completed team projects and given in the name of the employer.
  • Diversity Employer Award - This award was initiated in 2017-18 and is intended to recognize engineering and geoscience employers that have demonstrated, in action and spirit, support for recruiting, training, retaining, fostering respect for, and/or advancement of career opportunities for people defined within the "Diverse Employee Group". In celebrating these accomplishments, the award has the intended purpose of encouraging involvement of organizations in diversity-related activities, regardless of company size.
  • Intern Award - In addition to recognizing exceptional achievement of an Engineer/Geoscience trainee (Member in Training - MIT), this award shows the public and fellow Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba members what a professional engineer or geoscientist contributes to Canadian society.
  • Early Achievement Award - In addition to recognizing exceptional achievement at the start of a career, this award shows the public and fellow Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba members what a professional engineer or geoscientist contributes to Canadian society.
  • Judith Weiszmann Women in Engineering Champion Award - This award is intended to recognize female engineers who through engineering and career achievements have demonstrated the qualities that enabled Judith Weiszmann to be recognized as an outstanding engineer, role model, and influencer of the profession for the advancement and support of women in engineering.
  • Leadership Award - This award recognizes outstanding achievement or influence towards major engineering or geoscientific works and developments undertaken for society's long-term benefit and/or quality of life. The individual is usually in an upper management, executive, or governance role.
  • Technical Excellence Award (previously the Merit Award) - This award recognizes outstanding direct advancement of the engineering or geoscience technology in their profession, by an individual member during his or her career.

All of the Awards winners are listed on the Association website along with citations describing the individuals and or their work.