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Grosvenor House Apartment Building is located at 811 Grosvenor Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Grosvenor House is an eight story apartment building with a precast concrete frame and floor system.


Built in 1960. At the time it was the tallest all-precast concrete building in Canada. It continues to serve as a residential condominium building.


Grosvenor House is located in the vicinity of Osborn Village, River Heights, and the Corydon Strip in south Winnipeg. {{#display_map:811 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | height= 300px| width= 400px}}


The precast concrete industry was emerging in Manitoba. The City of Winnipeg building permitting authority had just accepted precast concrete as building system, and an alternate to the original cast-in-place design was developed. The innovation of the project highlighted the versatility, economy, use of local products and potential of precast concrete for the building industry of Manitoba at a time when development was vital to the Province.


The consulting structural engineer was L. Cazaly on the basis of an architectural design prepared by Libling Michener and Associates (Leslie J. Stechesen). The precast concrete was fabricated and erected by Building Products & Coal Ltd. of Winnipeg (later PRECO, later Con-Force, and now Armtec).

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