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The following are a series of miscellaneous historical documents found from within the Engineering Geosciences Manitoba archives.

1st Annual Dinner of CSCE

1st Annual Dinner of the Manitoba Branch of CSCE

Prior to the creation of the Association of Professional Engineers of Manitoba in 1920 another engineering association was in existence across Canada. With a history dating back to 1887, the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (currently the Engineering Institute of Canada) was a voluntary association with the goal of promoting and sharing engineering related knowledge amongst its members. In 1908 the first annual dinner of the Winnipeg branch was held at the Royal Alexandra. Provided is a copy of the original dinner program.

CSCE 25th Anniversary Banquet

1911 CSCE 25th Anniversary Banquet

In 1911 Winnipeg played host to CSCE's national 25th anniversary dinner. Provided is a copy of the front cover of the dinner program.

1921 Edition of the Engineering Act

1921 Act of the Association of Professional Engineering of Manitoba

The Association of Professional Engineers of Manitoba was first established in 1920. Upon incorporation a provisional council was quickly formed with the goal of setting up the association and to begin registering eligible engineers as members. Needing time in order to undertake this work, the first printed edition of the associations act, by-laws and list of members was not published until 1921. Provided is a full copy of the first edition of the associations engineering act.

1922 List of Books

1922 List of Books

In the very beginning of the APEM in the 1920's the association was still figuring out what its full scope of work should be and what the needs of its members where. As a result, during the early years one of a number of committees set up was one dedicated to compiling a list of references and resources that would be useful to its members. Provided is a copy of the 1922 List of Books and their library locations covering a wide range of engineering related topics.

1932 Quarterly Review Publication

1932 - Quarterly Review

Prior to the creation of the Keystone Professional and the Manitoba Professional Engineer publications, a number of previous attempts at creating a publication or newsletter where undertaken by the association. The Quarterly Review was one such attempt during the 1930's. It is unknown how long or how many editions of this version of an association publication where created as this is the only known copy in existence.

25th Anniversary Book

25th Anniversary Book

In 1945 the association celebrated the 25th anniversary of its inception. In accordance with this milestone a 25th anniversary book documenting the associations history was published. Provided is a copy of the 25th anniversary book.