2014 Heritage Field Trip

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On October 17, 2014, members of APEGM Heritage attended the annual Heritage Field Trip. The goal of this trip is to visit some of the engineering heritage sites that are described in this wiki and are part of our engineering heritage.

Heritage Sites

{{#display_map:Pointe du Bois ~Point du Bois~ , MB;Pinawa Dam Provincial Park, Pinawa, MB ~Pinawa Dam~ ; 50.160247, -95.868384 ~Channelization Starting Point~;50.178060, -96.060443~AECL~;50.058120 , -96.522910 ~old silica source for Manitoba Glass Works~| height= 350px| width= 400px}}

Point du Bois Generating Station

Pinawa Generating Station

Manitoba House Works

Gallery of Images