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Click on the links below to visit the constituent societies of the Engineering Institute of Canada:

https://cna.ca/wp-content/themes/CNA/assets/img/cna-logo-color.svg The Canadian Nuclear Society at https://cna.ca/
Canadian-Nuclear-Society-CNS.jpg The Canadian Nuclear Society at https://cna.ca/

2.jpg The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering at https://www.cheminst.ca/about/about-csche/

3.jpeg The Canadian Society for Engineering Management at http://csem-scgi.org/index2.html

4.jpg The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering at http://www.csme-scgm.ca/

cda-1.jpeg The Canadian Dam Association at https://www.cda.ca/

6348-CGS-logo-FINAL-300x82.jpg The Canadian Geotechnical Society at https://cgs.ca/

8.png The Canadian Society for Bioengineering at https://csbe-scgab.ca/

9.png Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Canada at https://www.ieee.ca/en/

See also IEEE Communications Society History at https://ethw.org/IEEE_Communications_Society_History Origins - The "roots" of the IEEE Communications Society extend back to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) which was founded in 1884, and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) which was formed in 1912. These formed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on January 1, 1963. AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) - The original fields of interest of AIEE were electrical communications and power engineering. Electronics engineering evolved from the radio field and expanded greatly during World War II, overlapping into the communications and (to a lesser extent) the power fields. Methods were developed to foster cooperation and interchange of information among members of each of the original Institutes with their narrow common interests. The AIEE formed "Divisions" with "Communications" as one major entity. No special organization was chartered, although separate Technical Committees (TCs) reviewed papers for, and conducted sessions at broad-based AIEE Conferences. Most of these papers were later published in the AIEE Transactions.

Canadian-Medical-and-Biological-Engineering-Society-CMBES.jpg The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society at https://www.cmbes.ca/

11.gif The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering at https://csce.ca/en/

5.jpg The Canadian Society of Senior Engineers at http://seniorengineers.ca/csse/

12.jpg The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at https://www.iise.org/Home/

TAC-logo-and-name-EnFr-1.jpg The Tunnelling Association of Canada at https://www.tunnelcanada.ca/

CNC-URSI-Logo-1.jpg The Canadian National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science at http://ursi.ca/

Other organizations of interest include:

CAE_Ctred_Tag_col.jpg The Canadian Academy of Engineering at https://cae-acg.ca/

https://static.wixstatic.com/media/372347_fb066366e2524d6fbadb3f96c3d2b078~mv2.png/v1/fill/w_561,h_139,al_c,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/Logo.webp Bowman Centre at https://www.bowmancentre.com/ Western_Research_Park.png Western Research Parks at https://westernresearchparks.ca/